Trayser 2.0 E-Bike Rental

We have recently launched a brand new electric bike rental scheme for couriers. £15 per day covers use of a high quality electric bike designed specifically for couriers. With no long contract sign-up, you pay for only what you use. For further discount options, please speak to a member of the ETT team.


Maintenance, accessories and support are all on us. Travel further and complete more deliveries per shift.


Through our partnership with Deliveroo, riders can access a £3 per day discount, taking the daily rate down to £12. To get this discount, simply show us your Deliveroo rider app when you collect a bike and we will give you instructions on how to apply the discount to your rental.


What’s included?

  • High quality electric bike designed specifically for courier use.
  • Free regular maintenance/service and support throughout your rental.
  • Free battery swap.
  • Optional rear rack for carrying a delivery box.


The Bike

  • Electric pedal-assist bike. This means there is a rechargeable battery with a motor that assists you while pedalling.
  • The battery is rechargeable using any standard mains power outlet. This can either be charged whilst on the bike, or the battery can be removed and charged separately.
  • 80 – 120km range, depending on weather conditions and riding style.
  • Comfortable, puncture protected tyres.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for excellent stopping power.
  • The battery can be swapped for free at our ETT location to give you full charge without waiting to charge the battery.
  • Legally classed the same as a standard pedal bike – no licence, registration plate or motor insurance required.

Our bikes are currently in high demand, so please contact us to check availability before paying for any bike rental. New riders can fill out the form on the rental page to get onto the waiting list.


When you come to collect the bike, you will need to bring the following:

  • Proof of working for a courier company (an email or screenshot from the app is fine).
  • Proof of address (recent bank statement or utility bill).
  • Photographic ID (Driving licence or passport).
  • £250 deposit, payable when you collect the bike. This is fully refundable upon return of the bike in satisfactory condition.
  • Copy of debit/credit card. This will be kept securely, and destroyed once the bike is returned.
  • The lock you will use to secure the bike. This should be a high quality lock. Please contact us beforehand if you are unsure if your lock is suitable.


Want more information? 


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