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Trayser 2.0 Electric Bike 

We specifically designed our Trayser 2.0 electric bike with couriers in mind. It's unique design allows for a large removable battery with a capacity of over 1000wh - much larger than most other electric bikes available. This means you can work for longer on one charge, without wasting valuable time waiting for the battery to recharge.


Key Features

Trayser 2.0 (in SQ)_3x.png

Quality Bike

Puncture-protected tyres, durable 

aluminium frame and USB charging.

Asset 33_3x.png

Long Battery Range

With 1000WH high-capacity batteries. Around 50-60miles of use. 

(Most E-bikes have less than 500WH) 

Asset 37_3x.png

USB Charger

Rider can charge their phone with a USB cable, allowing them to work without worrying about the battery.


GPS Tracking

With the GPS trackers, you will be able to your fleets/ riders' real-time locations.

Our Partners

We focus on building trust, relationships and partnerships with our business partners.  

By working closely with them to understand their needs, we have created a portfolio of projects that we’re proud of and which meet their highest expectations. 

ETT Partners.png

"ETT has been a trusted, reliable partner. They’re continuously looking to improve service, efficiency, and their E-Bike technology gives us the total reliability we need to manage such a high-octane delivery system and customer base.

Their bikes by far are the most reliable and green vehicles. 

We have a great working relationship"

Zapp Logo.png

As a delivery company that's always on the move, we rely on a reliable electric bike to get us from our stores and deliver to our customers on time. ETT has been a fantastic partner for this need, providing their bikes with top-notch durability, acceleration and power!


They have been very responsive whenever there's a maintenance need which guaranteed our fleet uptime. We love working with them!


About Our Partnerships

Deliveroo in REC.png

We launched our rental service with exclusive discounts and branding for Deliveroo riders. It was the UK’s first flexible E-Bike rental service and allowed many Deliveroo riders to carry out more deliveries for longer. 

Weezy in REC.png

Before their acquisition by Getir, we rented a fleet of E-Bikes to Weezy. We ensured Weezy’s fleet was always in excellent condition, so their riders could focus on achieving the short delivery times to achieve their business goal. 

Zapp in REC.png

We operate Zapp’s fleet of E-Bikes in London between 2021 and now by carrying out all maintenance and support. Making sure the uptime of their fleet is always 95% or above. 


Premium Quality E-Bike

Puncture-protected tyres, durable aluminium frame and USB charging. Designed by ETT specially for delivery use.

Tailored Fleet Proposal

No two partners are the same and we understand this. We work with you to come up with a tailored proposal so that we achieve your specific requirements and exceed expectations. 


Guaranteed Fleet Uptime

We know that an inactive fleet is costly to our partners. Our expert mechanics and support staff work efficiently to carry out reactive maintenance in response to issues and also proactive maintenance to reduce the frequency of fleet issues. 

On-Site Maintenance

Our London partners benefit from our mobile mechanic team attending your site for maintenance. No wasted time taking bikes for maintenance!


Sustainable Future

We believe going green can be an easy thing. Our electric vehicles are a great option for carrying out zero-emission deliveries - reducing pollution in our urban areas, without also contributing to traffic congestion. We know we can do more for our city together! 

Get In Touch Today

For larger scale B2B leasing, we can provide a tailored proposal to suit specific client needs.

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