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ETT Trayser 2.0 E-Bike saddle

Buy a Trayser 2.0

Trayser 2.0

Pedal-assist Electric Bike

Our bikes are not just for rental, we also offer new electric bikes available for purchase. These are high-quality electric bikes that thousands of delivery drivers depend on.

*Please note that the images on this website are for reference only. If you are interested in purchasing, you will be invited to come and view our stock and choose a bicycle and its accessories yourself.

(VAT included)


Why buy a Trayser 2.0?

Premium E-Bike

Designed by ETT using high quality components and eyecatching aesthetics

Removable Battery

Take your battery inside to charge at your convenience using a standard 3-pin plug

Brand new

You get the latest technology, improved performance, and a bike that is tailored to your specific needs.

USB Charging Port

Never run out of charge for your mobile device and plug it directly into the bike to charge

Long Battery Range

1000WH batteries capable of around 60 miles per charge

Fully checked and ready use

The bikes will be prepared and inspectioned before the collection to ensure everything is perfect


Bike Type

Pedal-assist Electric Bike


25km/h = 15.5mph (Legal Speed)

Size Option

One Size. Unisex.

Charging Time

Approx. 4 hours to fully charge



USB Port Charger



Bike Range: 80-120km


Front and back light

What our riders say

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