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ETT Trayser 2.0 E-Bike saddle


  • Do I need to be a delivery courier to rent a bike?
    To enjoy the delivery discount, you need to be able to provide evidence of being a delivery rider, riding for a recognised delivery company within London. Usually this involves uploading a screenshot from your delivery app (i.e. Deliveroo or Uber Eats Rider Profile) You can also rent a bike from us as a leisure rider, which has different costs and terms.
  • What’s included in the rent?
    The standard rent price includes the bike, 1 battery, fast charger and security chain. We also provide free general maintenance and support during your rental period.
  • How long can I rent the bike for?
    There is no maximum length of time, but you must pay for all rent up front. So if you would like to use the bike for 4 weeks, you must pay for 4 weeks rent and the deposit before taking the bike. The minimum rental time is 3 days.
  • How do I start renting a bike?
    Sign up here. We will then be in touch with you to arrange a bike when we have one available.
  • Is the rent refundable?
    Unfortunately the rent is non-refundable. Once you have paid for a rental period, if you decide to return the bike early, any unused rent cannot be refunded. We can however keep it on your account to be used anytime within the next 6 months from the payment date.
  • Do I need to wear a helmet?
    We recommend customers wear a helmet and other protective equipment at all times when using the bike. It is not a legal requirement to wear a helmet, as our bikes are classified the same as a regular bicycle.
  • What type of bikes do you have available?
    The bike we currently rent out is ETT Trayser 2.0 pedal assist e-bike. It is specially designed for couriers. More information can be found here.
  • What is the speed of the bike? and what's the battery range?
    Bike Speed All bikes are limited to 15.5mph/25kph in line with legal restrictions for pedal assist e-bikes. Battery Range The battery is around 1000 WH. On average, most riders find they can use one battery for around 50-60 miles or 6-8 hours on delivery time. However, this varies based on riding conditions, terrain, temperature, weight being carried, riding style, amongst other factors.
  • How long does it take to fully charge the battery?
    It takes up to 4 hours to fully charge the battery.
  • Can I fit a delivery box to the bike?
    There is an optional rear luggage rack that can be fitted to the bike for an addition £50 refundable deposit. This can fit regular pannier bags on, but we don’t recommend fitting a delivery box as this can be unstable and unsafe as the boxes are designed for motorbikes.
  • How much does it cost to rent a bike?
    AdRider Rental (For delivery riders only) £55/ week + £200 (refunded after you return the bike in a satisfactory condition) Standard Rental (For delivery riders only) £12/ day (minimum 3 days) 1 week is £84 1 month is £300 + £200 (refunded after you return the bike in a satisfactory condition) Leisure Rental £25/ day (minimum 1 day) + £200 (refunded after you return the bike in a satisfactory condition)
  • How do the payments work?
    When you collect the bike, you will need to pay £200/ £250 (if you need an extra battery) deposit plus the initial rental period (minimum 3 days). This can be paid by debit/credit card when you collect. Subscription The simplest way to pay is to subscribe to your rental plan. Pay as You Go If you are renting you would like to continue renting after the initial rental period, you must make another payment by the renewal day. Payments can be made by bank transfer (ETT will provide details for this), on our payment page or in person using a debit/credit card.
  • Where do I pick up/ return the bike?
    Pick up, return and maintenance is carried out at ETT Lambeth site – 194 Carlisle Ln, London SE1 7LH
  • What is the procedure for collecting the bike?
    Once you arrive at your appointment, you will need to complete a terms and conditions form, show your photo ID that you used to sign up with. ETT staff will explain how to use the bike. You will need to pay £250 deposit and the initial rental period (minimum 3 days) - after that you are good to go.
  • How do I return the bike?
    When you would like to return the bike, contact ETT on the customer Whatsapp group to make an appointment. Remember to bring the bike, two keys, chain and mains charger. Once we have received all of it, the bike will be checked. After we confirm the bike and accessories are in satisfactory condition, the deposit can be returned by bank transfer. Please request this on the customer Whatsapp group. *Please double check these details are correct as we cannot change it if the deposit is sent to an incorrect account. You should receive the deposit in 2-3 working days after providing your details.
  • How do I contact ETT during my rental period?
    When you begin renting, you will be added to a personal Whatsapp group where you can contact our customer service staff with any questions you have and make appointments for maintenance or bike return. Customer service is open Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm.
  • What happens if the bike needs maintenance?
    General maintenance is free of charge. This covers issues that arise from general riding. The bike should be brought to ETT for maintenance check up at least once per month, but if maintenance is required in between check ups, then you may make an appointment by contacting the customer Whatsapp group (You will be added to this when you begin renting)
  • What if I have an accident whilst using the bike?
    If the bike gets damaged in an accident, the first thing to do is make sure you and anyone else involved are uninjured. If that is the case, get the contact details and vehicle registration plate of any parties that were involved, and take plenty of photos (before any vehicles or bikes are moved). We have found in most cases that drivers are willing to pay for the damage, rather than get insurance companies involved. Notify ETT as soon as possible and book an appointment for a bike check up. You will need to pay for the damage, but we can provide invoices so that you can claim this from the other party/their insurance company.

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