Deliveroo Riders

Upload a screenshot from your Deliveroo Rider app, showing your name and Rider ID to get a discount code. This will take your rental from £15 per day to £12 per day.

E-bike Rental for London Deliveroo Riders 


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How does it work?

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Request a bike

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ETT checks availability

and will contact you to schedule collection

*We will contact you even you are on the waiting list

Upload ID Documents

Pay and Collect bike

Extend/ Return bike

You will need pay the deposit of £250 and first rental period when you collect the bike

When the rental period ends, you can either extend your rental by making another payment, or return the bike to stop renting.

E-bike Rental for Deliveroo Riders

Since 2017, we have been renting our electric bikes to London Deliveroo riders, giving them access to the best tool for the job. It enables them to work for longer, get less tired and do more deliveries per shift.

We specifically designed our Trayser 2.0 electric bike with couriers in mind. It's unique design allows for a large removable battery with a capacity of over 1000wh - much larger than most other electric bikes available. This means you can work for longer on one charge, without wasting valuable time waiting for the battery to recharge.

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